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Why Blog and How To Get Started
My First Post

As you surf the web- (Reposted from

you will reach a place where no pages exist. This is called a 404 Error. While out surfing somewhere can’t remember where I reached this splendid 404 Error…..

…..can I get a hug? So sad……Next time you get a 404 Error maybe, just maybe, think of the server!

Now you know what a web server does, it serves web pages, you need also to know about Domain Name Servers or DNS.

Domain Name Servers (DNS) are the Internet’s equivalent of a phone book. They maintain a directory of domain names and translate them to Internet Protocol (IP) addresses.

This is necessary because, although domain names are easy for people to remember, computers or machines, access websites based on IP addresses.

Information from all the domain name servers across the Internet are gathered together and housed at the Central Registry. Host companies and Internet Service Providers interact with the Central Registry on a regular schedule to get updated DNS information.

When you type in a web address, e.g., , your Internet Service Provider views the DNS associated with the domain name, translates it into a machine friendly IP address (for example is the IP for and directs your Internet connection to the correct website.

After you register a new domain name or when you update the DNS servers on your domain name, it usually takes about 12-36 hours for the domain name servers world-wide to be updated and able to access the information. This 36-hour period is referred to as propagation.

Well yes mine are done immediately even if I have to tell a tech to kick start it which i frequently have to. I do it via chat.  I run my own web server through HostGator an excellent company been with them for oooo ages years. I also have my own DNS Domain Name Servers. I have two, ones for back up.

It literally takes minutes to set up a new domain.

Phew it made me sweat: Watch Full Screen.

As you may have guessed I like the blues. I blog about them in snippets and I usually make videos to blues music. However its not all video I take the odd still shot.If you want access to stunning art work join Here’s a picture I created its on my deviantart site:

If you want to create graphics yourself a very good program that I use as my main image editor is Microsoft Expression Design and its available as a free download here and its so much better than paint. There are tutorials but just simple stuff like putting text on a picture its very cool. Worth learning though it takes some effort. But be brave you wouldn’t have got here now if you weren’t secretly as tough as old boots.

Probably the best blog post I ever created IMHO  its called:

The O2, Niel Young and Father’s Day 2009

Tell me what you think








My First Post

For the first post How to get started click here

Watch Full Screen

Here we add detail images media to our post. There is a menu bar, you can hover your mouse over the buttons and it will tell you what they do. Have a play around

I’ll show you two methods of inserting media:

  1. Adding an image

    Sekani and Evan
    My lovely daughter Sekani and her boyfriend Evan


  1. Adding a YouTube video – I created this animation, it goes well with the song, watch full screen.

Creating a link to another web page to

Categories and Tags

Best explained here by WordPress.

You can experiment with all the above. Don’t worry about making mistakes you will learn from them. If you have a blog do let me know!

Why Blog and How To Get Started

How to Blog and why

Hi there,

There are approximately over 150 million blogs on the Internet with 1.3 million blog posts per day.  Clearly people have got something to say. I started this blog for elders because there is a treasure trove of experience that should be tapped. (btw you can leave a comment by clicking on the word “Comment” or use the contact page. All email addresses are strictly private)

For some retirement can be a lonely time bringing with it isolation. A blog can bring people together; those with like minds and similar experiences. It can also be a moan at the state we are in in the 21st century! 😆 It can be about anything from a holiday you took 50 years ago to what your cat did this morning. Really anything you like.

me and mercilla 1965
me and Marcella 1965 Spain

And a picture is worth a thousand words. Here’s a tip: If you have a photograph album use your phone camera to take a picture of them this will me and mumconvert them into digital format and upload them to your computer from your phone! This is me and Mum 67 years ago!! We used to spend 6 weeks in Guernsey C.I. every year up until I was  10, what a great blog post! Writing about the past leaves a record for our children and grand children.

Do you have a hobby? Collect anything? Are you a gardener? Is there anything that annoys you? You can research stuff on the internet and blog about it.

Here’s an interesting blog looking at expressions we use and where they came from:

“We can learn a lot about ourselves by looking to the past. History not only provides us with a nostalgic glimpse at how things used to be — like with these classic childhood toys — but its lessons can still teach us things today. Many of us fondly refer to “the good old days” when times were purer and life was simpler”

Its ok to use what others have written providing you credit them or link to them.

Setting up a blog is easy, all you need is an email address and access to the Internet (ha ha yes you are reading this lol). It is easy and takes about 5 minutes. AND IT’S FREE! Yes there is no need to spend any money at all! WordPress has many features some cost but there is no need for them . This blog was set up completely free.

How to set up a WordPress blog

    1. Think of a name for your blog. This can be you may have to be imaginative if your name has gone perhaps use your middle name as well or an initial. You may have a nickname you can use. Given so many blogs it may take some work. Just keep typing in the address bar till you find a combination that doesn’t exist, you have to have ending in the title. You can use a short phrase like as long as it makes sense. Be imaginative.


    1. Once you find a combination that doesn’t exist go ahead and register it.  Once you have been blogging for a while and have a feel for it you may want to change to a different name. I have about 10 covering different aspects of my online life.  Go through the registration procedure until you are done. The video on mirror site takes you through it.

Found the video its below!

Familiarise yourself with the menu on the left. Save your draft as you go so you don’t inadvertently  delete something but this will happen it happens to us all so try and get into the routine of saving.

Your dashboard where you add or edit posts, change themes etc is at


Experiment with the menu items, mostly you can undo or change what you have done. The free theme I am running here is Twenty Sixteen.

You can email me at or call on 0894297539 here to help

Please use the comment feature or use the contact page to comment or ask for help. It will be great to hear from you. You also can follow the blog and be notified of next posts.

See the “About” page for info on me

The next post will be “My First Post”

(There are two other blogs that mirror this one : and I will explain why in a later post. Have a look if you feel like it)